😀.tk Emoji Domain Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for stopping by 😀.tk! Hopefully, we can answer your questions here, but there's more information about emoji domains at i❤️.ws.

What is this?

😀.tk is a site which sells emoji domains specifically on the .tk TLD. Here, you can look for you availble .tk emoji domains by character or just or just search for .tk emoji domains.

What is an emoji domain?

An emoji domain is a domain name with emoji in it... like this site: 😀.tk!

How does it work?

Behind the scenes, all domains are ASCII text, even if you see the domain name displayed as an emoji.

The actual mechanics aren't that important, but the key thing to know is that the browser uses a strategy called "punycoding" to convert "i❤️" to "xn--i-7iq" behind the scenes.

Most browsers keep this process hidden... but even when it's not, your Emoji Domain will work.

Where can I see other examples of emoji domains

The emoji domain site gallery at i❤️.ws has many examples of emoji domains currently in use today, by brands both big and small.

Where do I search for other emoji domain TLDs?

i❤️.ws has a complete directory of all available emoji domains, plus information on how to use them, an emoji domain site gallery, and an emoji domain marketplace.


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